Sunday, June 19, 2016

I am done with my junior year!


So, who else excited that finally! FINALLY final dah habis.. Yeahh I am so relived it was over.. Because serious dah 2 minggu I stress.. I start 5th june sampai 16th june. I hope tak basi lagi lah kan nak cerita.. Although today dah 19th -__- I took Cellular and Molecular Biology, Cellular Biochemistry and Metabolism, Analytical Chemistry, Introduction to Bioscience, Institusi Islam dan English. Lab saya adalah Metabolism and Analytical Chemistry. The lab test went a little bit on the worst side.. Just a tiny bit.. I hope so. Haha.. My group members for Metabolism's lab were me, kak akma, eija, hajar and jayson. While ana chem, I was coupled with hajar :) 

Kak akma, saya, sya, keyra, fahda and dayana (she's not in the pic but always in my heart <3)

Well, as always.. Rasa tak percaya dah masuk u and yet habis first year. Feel surreal.. Kelas saya one of the earliest yang habis exam.. Ada lagi yang tak habis.. Haha, unlike sem lepas.. Kitorang macam yang akhir-akhir balik. So, yeah.. This time is a little bit different than last sem's final. Since, obviously berlaku pada bulan yang barakah :D and this time we all not having a study group. It's quite hard.. Since sem 2 ni lebih cepat berbanding sem 1. Presentation, assignment, test, lab test, quiz.. Tu semua nak dekat study week bertubi-tubi x__x

We are matching row <33 We were all accidentally purple on that day 

Sem ni a little bit better than the previous one since I had roomate :) and I had a good friends for sure. Although kekadang tu macam masuk air XD But yeaa.. This sem does not have a lot of numbers, counting and involving calculator.. To be honest, I feel so weird.. Haha, masa nak study tu.. Baring-baring.. Sebab tak ada math kan.. Banyak kena faham dan hafal. 

My final went ok.. Boleh laaa. Not too hard yet not too easy.. The killer subject I would say Metabolism and maybe Analytical Chem.. And there was an unfortunate incident happened.. I don't want to talk about it here.

Guess who she is XD My cutie roomie bear :3 She's the one who taking care of me and in shaa Allah sem depan we are still be a roomie. Yay~~

Serius cepat rasa sem ni.. Yang I nak highlight mungkin pasal I join sukarelawan tadika, jadi usher MPG and fasi kem math tu.. I don't get involve a lot.. But that quite ok laa kan for 1 sem.. I will join a lot of this kind of activity hopefully :D Next Oh yeah, HBB (my analytical chemistry lecturer) He invited us to his house for makan-makan.. I adore his family.. So harmony. With berdinda-kanda. Berayahanda-bonda.. So cute.Masa final berjalan.. I asked my parents to bring along En. Viva.. Then my parents kata ok.. Ok memang tak laa I bawak kan.. So, Keyra.. She is the one that bawak kitorang gi venue exam.. So yeah. Thanks alot keyra :) And please, if anyone read this.. Doakan saya supaya berani and cekap memandu.. Tipulah kan cakap takde keinginan. Senang laa I nak balik.. Takyah setiap minggu call parents suruh amek sebab rumah pun jauh mana jea. 7 minit apart. And I pun membesar kat sini. There should be no problem interms of jalan.. The problem is with me :/

(saya, kak sikin, atilea) Kami berkunjung ke rumah lecturer kami, HBB 

I bawak my all time favourite food, mashed patatoes with some chicken with bolognese sauce on the bottom (kind of lasagna but different) to our mini iftar (lepas habis final).. Fahda bawak awesome carbonara with bubur lambuk. We gathered together like 9 people in my room. What a great day to end our last day of 1st year ;)

Doakan yaa! This 3 months break saya nak mahir drive~~~ I just finished Erased anime. It was so good XD

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

30 000 views XD


Just a cute short post. I am quite proud that we made it to 30 000 page views for about 5 years now. I know, for a typical bloggers, I am little bit way behind. Since, I am not a full time blogger and most of my post is not so informational.. Haha, so yeah :3 

Tinggal satu paper jea lagi awakkkkk! kyaaaaaa~~ X3
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