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Second year, semester 1.

Well, this is the extension from the previous post. I haven't talk about my semester sangat pun. I know. Sorry. 
So.. I took 
1. Genetic engineering 2. Mycology 3. Basic genetic 4. English 5. TITAS 6. Budi penyayang (kokurikulum)
Well, all these subjects required assignment with tons of literature reviews (journal and article). Insane! I know right. This semester is the start of all busy-ness.. Okay. calm down.. Haha.. Well this semester I took 15 credited hours and this time the study week was quite long.. About 2 weeks. Mesti korang fikir I have plenty of time for study kan? Haha, nope. I wasn't studying gila-gila. And I am not born to do so. So.. I will start study when I feel like to and I am study group kind of person. But also, I need some time to study individually first.
I don't like this semester that much since I was really busy. I don't have much time to complete my work as perfectly as I wanted. I mean memang laa siap jea, But I don't …

Saya milik Allah

Assalamualaikum :)

I suggested y'all make yourself some tea or snack and lets get through my semester together. Well what a hectic, stressful and busy semester. I bet this is the starting semester where my remaining semester will be as hectic or even worst than this one. You know what. I don't wanna say that I am a active person when it comes to programs. But, surprisingly, this semester I am barely joined any of the programs. I'm just trying so hard for the credited subject. The assignment were just so bizarre. Journals and articles is my everyday thing. Oh yeah, all those torture ended last January 9th. In shaa Allah, whatever the result is.. I have done the effort part, may Allah gives me the result that  reflects my effort. I know that He knows everything that good for me. Even the bad things happen, deep down.. There will be the bright side. Just how I see it, or y'all see it :)
Alhamdulillah, I still alive and still living as a muslim, the biggest nikmat that we …