Reunion 5SN2?


Semalam pada jam 11 malam Jo whatsapp ajak jumpa harini.. Well I though just us. Which commonly me, Jo, Mariam, Sha, Fara and others. Like girls day out like that. Surely I asked my parents permission right away since I miss my buddies. They said OK. I am happy then Jo started to say it is a class reunion.. Emm.. Haha.. Haha haaa... -___-" Pukul 11 malam tu jugak penubuhan group 5SN2 setelah sekian lama.. Haha. Then, rancak lah group itu. I have to say that I do really like the idea of reunion since we have lost contact since after 2 years I would say. Last minute perancangan. So it turns out to be 6 people that attend the "reunion".. Haha... Rasa berat nak pegi, but I really miss Jo. 

So yea. 11.30 am we've met. Me and Jojo give a warm hug sebab we miss each other so much. My study group partner :) Unfortunately My Mariam tak boleh hadir sebab ada majlis lain.. So saddddd. Kawan meja sebelah kot for a whole year. At first my father suruh drive.. Haha -____- Nope. Never happened. So, my bro hantar and amek. Our "Reunion" dekat jea ngan rumah. AEON Taman U. So the first hour just me and Jojo chit chat together. Jo, dia adalah kawan gelak tawa saya besides Najla. She just make me laugh and smile. I love her. Although kita berlainan agama and bangsa, she is christian and I really hope Jo dapat hidayah. But we both get along pretty good as saya murid baru kat sekolah tu.. Haha

Saya gembira spend masa dengan dia while tunggu yang lain.. Selepas the guys and Fara sampai we go to eat and talk about our updates.. Seriously.. After the guys came, I am not that comfortable since we faced each other pretty close since we sat at one table. It was awkward. Yet I push my chair little bit further than the table so I have some space to breathe. And I decided to go back early since yea.. Dah jumpa Jo dah cukup bermakna hari ni ngan Farahin. So yea.. Saya rasa ini adalah pertemuan terakhir with my few ex classmates. And not with Jo and the other girls ofcoz. They are totally fine for me.

I knew they gonna ask about my ring. Diorang tanya saya dah tunang ke.. I just leave that question unanswered because really.. Saya tak nak bagi harapan atau whatever thing you might think of. Time really change but not me and my stand. I am happy with what I had now. So please. 

Anyways, malasnya nak pi sekolah amek sijil SPM! 


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